Access to language education and qualifications is vital for people arriving in a new country seeking asylum. Language isn’t simply an optional extra: without the ability to communicate it is impossible to begin to rebuild a life, meet new people, gain education and employment opportunities. 

Language is an integral part of RefuAid's work.

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RefuAid supports Georgia Papadopoulou run the There You Go program in Samos, Greece a locally-led English language program that supports both refugee and local community students gain English language tuition and internationally-recognised qualifications. 

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Reallyenglish - online learning

RefuAid and Reallyenglish are pleased to offer a brilliant online learning programme to practice English skills, the programme is open to all students seeking asylum around the world, whether it has been granted or not. 

The Reallyenglish Practical English course is aimed at building core English skills. It offers 350 individualised lessons, each an hour long, focussed on grammar, reading and listening, as well as individual feedback and progress monitoring. 


why we work with local partners

The local actors we choose to partner with use a community-centred approach to teaching. Lessons are provided to refugee and local students alike and people sit exams side-by-side regardless of their backgrounds and legal status. Our partners are some of the best in the world, no large bureaucratic processes, they are simply local community members who know and understand how to help better than anyone.