Imagine journeying for days on foot searching for safety for you and your sick child. A child that needs urgent access to medical treatment, only to find a healthcare system unable to support your needs. RefuAid are supporting local partners to expand their services to include both refugee and local patients alike. We want to see a world where all those in need have access to the healthcare they require. 



In response to the Greek economic crisis and the devastating effect it had on households throughout Greece the local community of Katerini got together to create a ‘social pharmacy’. The pharmacy repurposes excess medication for distribution to those who need it free-of-charge. RefuAid have supported the pharmacy to expand their reach to include local refugee communities and build a new pharmacy space that enables them to fulfil as many prescriptions as is needed.

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There are approximately 2,300,000 people on the verge of poverty in Greece who find it very difficult to cover their medical needs. GIVMED is the first network of its kind to utilise excess medicines so to benefit socially fragile groups throughout Greece. RefuAid began supporting the project in January 2017 in order to expand it's reach and facilitate the donation of more needed medication than ever before. In the last month GivMed enabled the distribution of over €29,000 worth of donated medication to people who otherwise wouldn't have had access to life-saving medication. 


Support for affected hospitals

We work with hospitals to provide needed equipment, resources and support - ensuring all those living locally can access healthcare. RefuAid has already delivered over £40,000 worth of medication and equipment to hospitals in need. This equipment and medication will be used to treat men, women and children in need. 


How we work with local partners

Why work with local partners? 

We know that supporting local projects and people is the best way to be effective and create a long-term impact. Our local partners are from the communities they work in, they understand how to pull resources and create projects that support newly-arrived refugee communities. In many cases our local partners include members of the refugee community, meaning ideas are shared in order to create projects that also encourage social cohesion. While RefuAid advocate for the cause, demonstrate impact and raise funds our partners are implementing projects that will provide a better, brighter future for the whole community. 

What does RefuAid expect from partners? 

What is your relationship with partners? 

Without local partners and their teams RefuAid would not have any international projects. We are in touch with our local partners every day to track progress and troubleshoot any challenges, we listen to their opinions on the wider context of international development and take their advice in relation to project direction. During our frequent visits to spend time in the communities we support and with the projects we support we ensure that we brainstorm potential plans for the future and how projects can remain in the long-term with our support. 

Our partners share our vision of supporting people who have been forcibly displaced and the communities they are hosted in. The movement of people is the issue of our lifetime and long-term solutions focusing on housing, healthcare, education and employment are needed to support communities throughout the world. We expect our partners to be dedicated to supporting their community and the people living in it, regardless of background, religion, nationality or legal status. We expect our partners to work closely with local communities, leaders, governments and anyone else to achieve our collective goals. 

How do you choose partners? 

We spend time in affected communities to source partners that are committed, have experience and expertise. Members of our team spend weeks at a time with our partners in the field to make sure they have the skills and resources to deliver high quality, sustainable projects to communities in need and report back on every penny spent!