Help Refugees Partnership

As grassroots organisations that have grown alongside each other over the last year we have had an incredible and productive relationship with the amazing team at Help Refugees.

Passionate about bridging the gap between humanitarian aid and development, we are proud to be the development partner of Help Refugees on a number of international projects, a partnership that will lay the foundations for sustainable solutions to the crisis and the refugee hosting nations. Where Help Refugees act fast to meet the humanitarian needs of the crisis, RefuAid focus on listening to the long term needs of the vulnerable communities, supporting and implementing sustainable projects that work toward a world where the crisis need no longer be a crisis at all.

With our passion and focus on sourcing long-term sustainable solutions and the enormous scope and achievements of Help Refugees we feel that working together on long-term solutions will further expand our collective impact and create durable solutions in refugee-hosting communities. Collaborating with organisations intent on achieving the same goals as RefuAid ensures that we will reach and support more people in need in the coming years.