RefuAid work with hospitals to provide resource and communication support - ensuring all those living locally can access healthcare. 

RefuAid has already delivered over £40,000 worth of medication and equipment to hospitals in need. This equipment and medication will be used to treat men, women and children in need. 

We rely on your support to provide equipment to affected hospitals in refugee-hosting communities. 

In the last few months RefuAid have supplied:

  • 20,000 infusion sets 
  • 100,000 sterile-surgical gloves
  • 20,000 surgical masks 
  • 4 portable rechargeable pulse oximeters 
  • 3 portable pulse rate monitors 
  • 2 sets of ECG cables
  • 2 x monthly supplies of x-ray film 
  • Heating fuel for wards over the winter months
  • BIPAP machine

Hospitals are in need of support to provide urgent and life-saving care in refugee-hosting communities. Throughout refugee-hosting nations there is an unprecedented lack of access to healthcare. RefuAid work with local hospitals and pre-existing medical facilities to provide and sustain access to healthcare for refugees and locals alike.