What are RefuAid Language Grants?

RefuAid provides a limited number of grants for resettled refugees to improve their English and take English language exams. These exams will show that your English is at a good level to enter a university or a profession in the UK. Successful applicants will have an ambition to go onto further work or study.

What allowances does the Grant include?

  • English language tuition classes at an accredited school

  • Test fees for the Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) exam or the IELTS testdepending on what you need (generally, IELTS is for professional re-qualification, and CAE for is for university. You will discuss this with your caseworker if your application is successful).

  • £30 for course materials/textbooks

  • Travel expenses (up to a maximum of £500) if needed to get to class.

Am I eligible for a RefuAid Language Grant?

  • You must have successfully claimed, or be in the process of claiming asylum in the UK. 

  • You should have an ambition to go onto further work or study (this programme is intended for those who require language qualifications to access higher education or professional training)

  • Successful candidates will already have a good level of English. We will send you a level test when you apply. If your level is not yet high enough, we will send you Reallyenglish online resources so you can improve your English.