The Melissa Network is run by a local community group of migrant women in Athens. They provide Greek language, lessons, workshops, childcare and support to migrant and refugee women throughout Greece. Operating in a right-wing area of Athens and collectively working hard to promote integration and empowerment, they are making outstanding headway despite the odds against them. 

The Melissa Network has two main functions:

·       To operate as a hub/network for migrant women, migrant women’s associations, formal and informal networks, and make its space available for those organizations to conduct their activities.

·       To initiate and coordinate activities and projects in which the migrant women will be active participants.

It is engrained into the RefuAid ethos to support local development solutions that are led, created and implemented by those who live in the areas we work. We are currently building the Melissa Network website and look forward to developing our relationship with them further soon.