Social Pharmacy 

RefuAid are supporting free access to medication for refugees and host communities alike. 

In response to the Greek economic crisis and the devastating effect it had on households throughout Greece the local community of Katerini got together to create a ‘social pharmacy’.

The pharmacy accepts donations of medication and equipment from around the world. Through a lengthy and meticulous process these donations are sorted and stored in the social pharmacy and the details of all medications available entered onto a database.

The pharmacy then dispenses these medications FREE OF CHARGE to ANYONE who approaches them with a prescription. No one is turned away from the pharmacy, no matter people’s income, nationality or social status, every person receives their prescription.

The pharmacy has been supporting 500 Greek Families for the last 7 years, due to the recent creation of 5 refugee camps in the local area and with the support from RefuAid the pharmacy will now serve:

• 500 local Greek families
• 5 refugee camps of 3000+ people
• Hospitals throughout Greece

Community-based initiatives encourage integration, foster us to think of one another as individuals rather than create a divide between the ‘local’ and ‘refugee’.

If you are within greece and have medication (with a minimum of 3 months before expiry) you wish to donate please post it to: 

Social Pharmacy Katerini, Flemingk 8, Katerini 601 00, Greece

The renovation of Katerini social pharmacy funded by RefuAid. 

The renovation of Katerini social pharmacy funded by RefuAid.