RefuAid supports various sports INITIATIVES to HELP build bridges and friendships that unite communities in this time of hardship.

Sport is able to bring people together from all walks of life despite differences in culture, language, age, nationalities and status. RefuAid organise, support and encourage a range of sports activities to put a smile on refugees faces and bring them together with the local community. 

Integration projects such as this are so critical as they encourage an understanding between the communities to think of one another as individuals that can work together, rather than creating a divide between them, with the construct of 'local' vs. 'refugee'.

Sport plays an integral role in helping address health, social, and developmental needs of refugees. Sports programs an help contribute to physical fitness, mental well-being and social integration by providing a safe forum to play and a distraction from the stark reality of the camp experience or the crisis faced by host communities. Building a future, a future free from war and persecution, one block at a time.

Football on Leros Island
The RefuAid team secured a safe and suitable place to organise, coach and play football in Leros. We supplied football clothes and shoes, arranged football training, competitions and games within the football stadium in Leros, allowing members of the camp to get together for football competitions, training and games. The games were filled with laughter and teamwork - football offers the most amazing respite from what is an incredibly difficult situation. 

Thessaloniki Half-Marathon
In 2016 RefuAid supported the participation of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in a half-marathon in Greece, using donations to purchase pairs of running shoes that enabled men and women living in the refugee camps to participate. Alongside training partners from the local community and with a resilient passion to run that would rival the best of athletes, the refugees completed the race throughout the streets of Thessaloniki. For those hours there had been no distinction between refugee and local, no segregation, no stigmatisation, they had simply run with hundreds of others, equal and as it should be. 

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