At RefuAid staying true to our ethics and purpose is crucial and inherent to the success of our projects. We have a list of values that drive us and are non-negotiable within our work: 

1. I.N.I - 

As an organisation we remain independent, neutral and impartial. This enables us to act quickly and respond to those in greatest need. 

2. Unity - 

We work with people. All people. Regardless of nationality, religion or political affiliation. Our projects are available to all. 

3. Local - 

At the core of RefuAid is a passional to remove reliance on external aid actors. We source local development solutions, led, created and implemented by those who live in the areas we work. 

4. Listening - 

Before initiating a project we listen to the local communities and those we are there to help. Informal focus groups allow us to identify individuals greatest needs and implement projects to sustainably help. 

5. Long-term thinking - 

NONE of our projects are initiated without a long-term plan as to how the project can support the host community in the years to come.