"I have dreamt about flying ever since I can remember"

Said Azim was 17 when he and his family were forced to leave Afghanistan.

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“The trip was dangerous and I did not feel good. I would never want to do that again. I am not sure how long it lasted. We had to walk quite a lot on this journey. We saw a lot of abandoned bags, people walking on the way. It was very scary.”

Arriving in Samos, Said witnessed the horrors of Europes deterrence strategy on the Greek islands, “When I came to Samos, I thought I had come to a jail. The camp where we lived for the next nine months was like a jail. At the beginning, we lived in something like a cabin with 40 or 50 people inside."

Despite the difficulties faced on Samos, Said alongside his father and mother signed up to attend Georgia Papadopoulou's English classes, supported by RefuAid.

"When I came to Samos, after one month, I decided to start with English lessons. I had spoken English even before, but not well enough."

He was an incredible student, working hard to learn as much English as possible in order to pass the exam he sat earlier this year. Said Azim passed the exam and as a result of his English language qualifications has joined the Deree Camp to Campus program in Athens, supporting Said to return to education. Said is determined to use his incredible resilience, education and English language skills to pursue a career as a pilot.

"I have dreamt about flying ever since I can remember. The funny thing is that I have flown only once, and that was on the journey from Kabul to Herat, at the Iranian border. We had to take a flight because the road in that area is very dangerous. I was feeling very good on that flight and was sitting by the window. My father has pushed me to pursue my dreams all my life and to work hard to fulfil them. Thanks to him, I have a dream. He taught me not to give up on whatever I want to be. And I will just try to be that. And that is all that I am doing.”

To support more students just like Said, please visit www.refuaid.org/donate