Our aim is to provide practical solutions in refugee hosting communities. As an organisation passionate about grassroots change and sustainable bottom-up solutions, understanding the extent of our impact is vital to the long-term success of our projects and the precedent we set for other organisations looking to adopt our approach. The socially innovative programs we establish and locally-led organisations we support are the pathways that lead to greater social cohesion and improved livelihoods for both the refugees and the communities they reside in. None of our projects are initiated without a long-term plan as to how the project can support the host community in the years to come. 

Please see the report we have so far below and check back soon for further project reports. 

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social pharmacy, greece

Investing in the basic infrastructure of the building enabled the community organisation to increase their monthly average output of medications to the hospital, local community, and refugee camps by 339% post renovations.
The local community was able to access 139% more medications per month on average.

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Language greece & Language UK

The RefuAid language projects increase access to language tuition and qualifications. RefuAid believe language is key to integration and access to education and employment. 


RefuAid & GIVMED

RefuAid and GIVMED have been working together over the last 6 months. GIVMED have achieved incredible results, increasing medication available to refugees and local communities.