RefuAid is proud to support local Greek projects that offer sustainable solutions to the crisis we see in Greece today.

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RefuAid currently supports the entire Language project of Georgia Papadopoulou and her overheads for classes as she helps refugees and locals gain a good level of English so that they can qualify for further study, integrate into Greek society, and find job opportunities.

Georgia was born in Greece and has been teaching language to locals and foreigners for 30 years. She has dedicated the past few years of her life to volunteering at refugee camps on the Greek islands, and has taken it upon herself to empower refugees through language and education. Her project enables refugees to sit internationally recognised exams, which opens the door to further education and access to employment.

“Without an organisation like yours I would not be able to complete this project, which I believe is so important because it gives people hope”, she says. For the thousands of refugees and displaced individuals across Greece right now, sustainable projects such as this that give them a sense of dignity are a salvation.

In order to rejuvenate the local tourism economy and improve the English skills of the local Greek community that has long been suffering under the nation’s economic crisis, we are also supporting 4 Greek students to attend Georgia’s school.

The typically defining characteristic of refugee camps is a limitation on rights and freedoms and therefore a limitation on people’s ability to make meaningful choices about their lives. That's why it is deeply engrained into our ethos that we support local communities to provide essential services and give assistance to refugee communities in a bottom-up, sustainable way that can positively impact local development. It is at the heart of this ethos that we listen to local consensus on how to help those newly-arrived in their community. This is what creates positive conditions between communities, which lays the foundations that stronger, more integrated futures are built on.