What is development facilitation?

Convinced that the future of every community lies in capturing the passion, intelligence, imagination and resources of its people, Ernesto Sirolli developed a model of “enterprise facilitation” a person-centered approach to local economic development.

RefuAid, using elements of Ernesto’s model, have developed a model that will facilitate the development of local humanitarian and community initiatives. Providing a person-centered approach that bridges the growing gap between humanitarian aid and development, specifically in refugee hosting communities.

RefuAid facilitators start by working with a locally-led project or individual with an idea to provide a service which is free and confidential to aspiring humanitarian or development-focused individuals.  

Local leadership is essential to projects RefuAid support with facilitation. RefuAid strongly believe civic understanding and a belief in your own community is essential for supporting future development.

RefuAid know local development facilitation can provide incredible results working with the local to expand, assist and support all those in need.