Student finance is a loan which is given out by the UK Government to help finance studying at universityThe deadline to apply for student finance for a degree starting in 2018 is the 31st May.

The current interest rate on the loan is 6.1% and you will usually need to start repaying it when you start to earn more than £21,600 a year. This may vary slightly if you are in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Getting a student loan is the way that most UK student finance studying at university. 

You are eligible for student finance if your immigration status is either of these options: 

  • Refugee status
  • You are on a family reunion visa. 

If your immigration status is Humanitarian Protection or Indefinite Leave to Remain without Refugee status you are eligible but you have to have been 'ordinarily resident' in the UK for 3 years before you can apply for Student Finance. 

If your application for asylum is still processing and you are an asylum seeker, then you do not qualify for student finance. Please let us know if you are unsure about your status or have questions about your eligibility. 

There are four different branches of the Student Finance Company, and which one you need to apply to depends on the area of the UK where you ordinarily live (for example if you usually live in England but will go to university in Scotland, you will need to apply to Student Finance England). Please find details below:


Eligibility criteria for people living in England

Eligibility criteria for people living in Wales

Eligibility criteria for people living in Scotland
If you have lived in Scotland for 3 years and are planning to study there, you may be entitled to free tuition. Please contact your university to check if you think this may apply to you. 

Eligibility criteria for people living in Northern Ireland

Student Finance consists of loans to cover your tuition fees as well as your living costs. The amount will differ depending on your financial situation and whether you are doing an undergraduate degree (with or without a Foundation year) or postgraduate degree. The deadline for the application for Student Finance if you plan to starting studying in 2018, is the 31st May 2018. In the application process, you will have to fill in a detailed application form as well as provide information about your current income and your immigration status. You may have to send some documents by post to the loan company, but this will be detailed in the online application process. 

If you are planning on applying for a postgraduate loan but you already have a postgraduate degree, you may not be eligible for student finance. Please let us know if this is the case. 

To apply for student finance for Foundation years, undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees, you apply online. The deadline to apply for student finance for a degree starting in 2018 is the 31st May. Here is some more information on how to apply for Student Finance in England: If you are in Scotland, Wlaes or Northern Ireland, there is a link on this page that will take you to the respective Student Finance Information Pages. 

This is the link to the application form for Student Finance England: Please read all information carefully and if you are living in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland there is a link for those application forms on the page too. 

For students planning to apply for a postgraduate loan, here is some more information on specifically this: You apply for a postgraduate loan on the same website as people applying for undergraduate loans. 

If you want to be considered for a student loan, you will have to apply by the 31st May. After you have applied, you will find out soon whether you are accepted and exactly how much money will be lent to you. 

We also wanted to mention that we are sending this to you as a recommendation and guide. It is your responsibility to make sure you want to do this and are happy with the repayment rates. You may be repaying this loan over a long period of time, so before you accept the loan, make sure you understand the commitment this entails.