Refugee Access Loan – Terms and Conditions

• Up to £10,000 may be borrowed

• A promissory note will be signed

• Loan funds are advanced as progress is made on a licensing/learning plan

• The Refugee Access Loan is interest free

• Generally minimum payments will start the month after loan funds are received and will be based on the amount borrowed at that time

• Payments must be made monthly and will be taken automatically from a bank account

• The loan must be paid back within four years. Generally, payments will be a set of minimum payments while completing the licensing/ learning plan (to a maximum of two years). Payments will increase once employment is found or 2 years after the loan is received.

• The loan will be registered with a credit bureau which will help build a credit rating

• The loan may be paid in at any time without penalty

• There are no administration fees on loans

• Since approval of the micro loan is based on character, there is a requirement to provide references, demonstrate initiative, have a strong licensing/learning plan in place, and willingness shown to repay the loan.


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