Are you eligible?

Find out if you meet the requirements to apply for a Refugee Access Loan. 

To apply for a loan you must:

  • Be a refugee/protected person.
    • Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a loan if you are an Asylum seeker.
  • Have worked in another country in the field you wish to return to.
    • RefuAid Access Loans can only be used to help you return to same or related work you had before you came to the UK. RefuAid Access Loans cannot be used to help you start a career in a new field.
    • If you are already working in your field but underemployed (working at a level much lower than someone with your education or experience should be), you may be eligible for a loan.
  • Lack access to comparable financial resources.
    • You may apply for a RefuAid Access Loan if you are unable to borrow from the bank or if the interest rates and loan terms are not comparable to what you would receive from the RefuAid Access Loan.
  • Not have an undischarged bankruptcy.
    • If you have filed for bankruptcy in the UK, your bankruptcy ends when it is discharged. This means that you are released from your legal obligation to repay the debts covered by your bankruptcy. We cannot consider your application if your bankruptcy is still active.

To complete your loan application you must:

  • Have a plan that sets out what you will do to be able to work in your field
  • Know the steps you will follow to find employment in your field
  • Have English skills that enable you to complete your learning plan
  • Provide information about any programme you wish to take
  • Have a reasonable chance of obtaining employment in your field
  • Be committed to paying back the loan
  • Complete an application and satisfy all requirements of the Loan Review Team
  • Demonstrate good character
  • Have a UK bank account 

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