Volunteer Diary - Katerini

An update from Anna-Marie who has been volunteering at the social pharmacy for the last few weeks: 

"We went to go to Katerini in order to help a Greek man called Elias. Elias has a project where medicine donated by several countries are collected, controlled and fed into a data base so that the search for a particular medicine is possible for the doctors from all the Camps and hospitals. It is also possible to get out of this data base the information about where and how many of the medicine can be collected. My assignment there would have been to check the medicines due date and completeness, categorize them and to put them into the Computersystem.

So I got to Katerini after my 2nd day of my arrival together with the two volunteers Marcel and Rehana. We categorize the medicine, feed them into the system and sort them out regarding a particular ID-Nr. and sequence. At the same time we go distributing meals in the Camp Nea Chrani three times a day. I try to help also in several other cases of medical nature. Our day is filled with all kind of duties the whole time. The refugees are happy to see as every time. Today, I bought drawing material for the smallest ones so that they can draw and paint as they do not have anything for a bit of diversion. It’s been already 4 days we were able to spend with lots of good experiences.”