We are a tiny drop in what is a vast and growing ocean. At times it feels like with the support we have harnessed we are beginning to push back in the fight against inequality, human rights abuse and injustice. But on days like today we are reminded of the horrors and the vast expanse of what we are aiming to tackle.

This week a 16-year old was the sole survivor of yet another shipwreck. 146 people, include tiny children and pregnant women are presumed drowned, and one sole survivor.

146 people that left with no other choice, risked their lives for a chance at safety and are no longer walking, talking or laughing here on this earth. Is this the collateral of a heartless deterrence policy that politicians are comfortable with? The deaths of unborn children, needlessly drowning on our doorstep?

And a 16-year old survivor, a life that was full of opportunity, full of hope now scarred with unimaginable horror, loss and an uncertain future.

It’s needless. Deaths are a result of inappropriate policies and a lack of will to update them. Today we have heard a young Syrian man of only 25 has hung himself in the port of Athens, and refugee children as young as 9 are found to be self-harming.

The limitation we impose on people, on our brothers and sisters, who simply because of geography, have found themselves homeless and in need of support is costing lives.

Lives that could have been, ideas that could have been, families and stories that could have been, a future that could have been and we are losing them, to hate and to fear and to a lack of will.

Although the sun is shining today, it’s hard to find the smile or any laughter, knowing those tiny little babies are lying at the bottom of the Mediterranean and the world stays silent.