It doesn't stop.

It doesn’t stop – it hasn't stopped. 2 years ago my life changed forever when the lifeless body of a little boy washed up on a beach hit the front pages of the news. The same age as my youngest daughter – a family so desperate for safety and a future they took the risky journey to Europe. They paid the ultimate price. 2 years later and still it continues. Today, a child who had make that perilous journey, who had arrived to the “safety” of Europe, died from suspected hypothermia in a “reception centre”. The same age as my daughter. Just imagine, imagine the horrors that drive you to take a journey that you know could end in death, only to finally reach Europe’s shores and the conditions you are welcomed with are too harsh for a young child to cope with. Millions have been spent on these “reception centres” - to create what? Uninsulated tented camps? We must do better.

Tamsyn, RefuAid Co-founder x